All Seasons Strawberry Collection - 6 Plants

All Seasons Strawberry Collection - 6 Plants

Our Mature Stawberry Plants have been specially selected to to give the longest cropping season. One of each of the following plant varieties is provided:

This Unusual Strawberry will be a real talking point and has been a popular premium fruit in  high end grocers recently.  Beautiful white flowers appear in spring followed by the attractive and unsual whote fruits that have a tast similar to pineapple. They can be grown in a vegetable plot or patio pot if space is limited. . It combines the shape and texture of a Strawberry but with the flavour and smell of a pineapple.
Honeoye Early -Early

This traditional Strawberry produces fruits early in the Season . Pretty white flowers are followed by a heavy crop of brilliant bright red  berries from June onwards. The tasty fruit is full of flavour. Thrives in a sunny spot in pots or in the ground. Will reach a height of 30cms. 

Senga Gigana - Giant Strawberries 

Create the wow factor with these huge strawberries which produce egg size plants up to 5cm in diameter. 
Easy to grow and resilient and happy in a pot or the ground. A heavy crop of large sweet and glossy fruit can be harvested between June and  August. Size has not sacrificed the taste as the fruits are sweet and flavoursome which is suited to both eating fresh or made into Jam . 

Cambridge Favourite - Mid Season

Popular and widely grown due to its resilient and versatility. Happy in pots, vegetable patches a d garden borders.  A mid-season cropper producing a heavy crop of berries in June and July of delicious and incredibly sweet fruits. Awarded The RHS Award of Garden Merit. Grows to a mature height of 30-50cm.

Florence -Late Season 

Popular variety due to its disease resilience and delicious fruit which produces a heavy crop later in the Season. Fruits are harvested in July and August.  The plants will reach a height of up to 50cm and will thrive in both pots and in the ground 

Everbearer Albion -Late Season

Great flavoured variety, that produces an abundance of dark-red fruit with a sweet, rich and mouth-watering flavour from June all the way through to October. Disease resistant a d happy in boarders or patio pots in a sunny position.