Apple Golden Delicious

Apple Golden Delicious


Golden Delicious is a popular and versitle Apple. The medium sized fruit ripens in October to November, crops freely and keeps well. It bears sweet honeyed tasting fruit, which is one of the most versatile, being great as fresh fruit as well as good for cooking. Butterflies and birds are attracted to the tree from April to May when beautiful white flowers bloom to create a wonderful show. A good pollinator for other apple trees it's the ideal choice for larger gardens and as with other trees can be grown in large containers.  Holds the RHS Award of Garden Merit.


The size a of a Fruit Tree is determined by its "Root Stock" the Root and Base of the Tree is from a different variety of tree with the fruiting stem "grafted" to the root stock.

Our Trees are hardy two-year-old trees grafted onto M26 Root Stock . The eventual height will be 2.5-3m with a spread of 2m. Trees should be plants 3m apart in a sunny location in moderately fertile, well drained soil and non acid soil. 


  • Planting and Care Instructions

    Apple trees are suitable for planting in most types of moderately fertile, well drained soil,. They do not like acid soil.  Dig a large hole with enough space to plant the tree without cramping the roots.

    Plant in a well sheltered and sunny location as they prefer not to be in the shade.

    Support young plants with a stake for at least five years to help support the tree.

    Ideally control weeds and keep a clear area, including removing grass, for a radius of 60cm  around the base of the tree. 

    Young trees must be watered thoroughly and sprinkle with fertilizer each spring. You can also mulch in April with rotted manure or compost around the base of the trunk.