Blackberry Merton Thornless

Blackberry Merton Thornless


Also known as Rubus fruticosus, 'Blackberry Merton Thornless' is an exceptionally manageable and vigorous specimen, yielding some of the largest blackberries of any variety, often reaching up to 2.5cm in diameter! As an added bonus, the stems of the 'Merton Thornless' are prickle-free so there is no need for gardening gloves. The deliciously sweet, tangy fruits are ripe for the picking in late August and September and are best enjoyed in pies and crumbles or cooked into jams to be enjoyed long after the season has finished. otted plants supplied, When planting, leave at least 2m spread between each shrub, and plant in a sunny, sheltered location where possible to ensure optimum cropping. P ready to plant on arrival into well prepared soil.

  • Planting and Care Instructions

    Leave at least 2m between each bush,Plant in a sunny, sheltered location to ensure optimum cropping. 

    Fruits are ready to harvest in August and September