Goji Berry

Goji Berry


Goji berry is an amazing and colourful fruit. Perported to be a "Superfood"  due  to it being packed with vitamins and antioxidants .

A deciduous bushy shrub, that will reach a mature height of 2.5m, they produce thin stems with narrow green leaves. Beautiful purple/white flowers then begin to bloom from spring and through summer encouraging pollinators such as butterflies into the garden.


The orange-red berries follow in late summer, where they can then be dried and used within food, with a taste between a cranberry and cherry. The plants are very easy to grow and will start to produce fruit in their second season. Plant in direct sun where they will thrive. A great plant for garden borders, allotments or patio containers .Supplied in 11cm Pots

  • Planting and Care Instructions

    Plant in fertile and well drained soil, in full sun or in partial shade.  Plant 1m apart in a row if needed.

    Water regularly during the growing period and make sure that the soil is not allowed to dry out.