An Edible Honeysuckle !!


The Honeyberry is also know as  'Haskap Berry' or 'Lonicera Caerulea', and is a unique honeysuckle that produces elongated purple fruits which are similar to blueberries. A hardy plant able to withstand colder temperatures. Fruits develop fromJuly through to October. The fruits of the Honeyberry  high in vitamin C and and antioxidants and are often regarded as a "Superfood" for thier perported health benefits. The sweet fruits can be cooked into preserves and desserts .


A great addition to any garden and easy to grow, butterflies and birds will also be attracted to this striking Honeysuckle variety. This is a vigorous climber that can be trailed up trellis or walls where they reach a mature height of 3m.


For best results, plant in a sunny, preferably south-facing spot. 9cm pot grown plants supplied.