Pear Conference

Pear Conference


The most popular Pear variety for UK Gardent , long cruncy, juicy fruit with a fresh, clean flavour perfect to be eaten fresh or used within traditional culinary cooked dished. Stored correctly they have a long storage life so make a useful additon to the pantry when most other home grown fresh produce is finished. 


Abundance of pretty white blossoms and dark glossy green foliage make this a beautiful addition to the garden in spring where it will attract butterflies and birds followed by long, bell-shaped fruit ready for harvesting in October. 


The pears can be harvested when they are slightly under-ripe for a sharper taste. As they ripen, the flesh will become softer where the fruit then becomes sweeter and juicier.


A reliable cropper, It holds an RHS Award of Garden Merit and is Self-fertile and is considered to have a good level of disease resistance. 


Supplied as two-year-old trees grafted on to semi dwarf root stock, Quince A, it will grow to a mature height of 4 metres but can be kept to manageable size with pruning. .