Pear Williams Bon Chretien

Pear Williams Bon Chretien


 Brilliant "all-round" veritile British pear, great for eating fresh or cooking with a good flavour and aroma.


It holds an RHS Award of Garden Merit and is reccomended as a good pear to grow in the UK. An abundance of beautiful blossom in Spring attractes butterflies and birds followed by delicious yellow-green fruit in September.  It is reccomended that the fruit is picked slightly under-ripe.


Prefers a sheltered position in full direct sun in well-drained, fertile soil.   Bon Chretien will require a pollinating tree as it is not self fertile. It will polinate with many common garden pears and with all the trees from our store but can  and is avaliable to buy from out store.


Supplied as two-year-old trees grafted on to semi dwarf root stock, Quince A, it will grow to a mature height of 4 metres but can be contained with pruning to a more manageable height.