Decorated Potted Nordmann Fir Christmas Tree

Our best selling Pot Grown Nordmann Fir Christmas Tree delivered lit and decorated directly to your door. The pot is covered in a attractive hessian and tied with a festive ribbon. Battery Operated Copper Led String lights and decorations in Red and Gold are included. These trees make a wonderful easy addition to any home. As they are shipped to your door they also make a wonderful festive gift which can be appreciated for years to comeThe Nordmann Fir is also known as the King of Christmas Trees. It is highly sought after and favoured for its attractive dark green glossy foliage, with soft needles and non drop habit.  Our 4 year old trees are 40 - 60cm / 1.5 - 2ft tall and have been pot grown at our nursery and repotted each spring to ensure growth and minimise root damage. After the Christmas Season your tree can be planted directly outside, where it will thrive in the UK climate, or be repotted each spring into a larger pot to be bought indoors for Christmas year after year

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